Gerber Zip Driver


The screw is a glorious little invention, but damn if they dont come loose (or worse, refuse to budge) from time to time and always at the worst time. Gerbers Daily Carry Zip Driver is a compact, simplified tool that attaches to a jacket or bag, so its there whenever you need to take on a stubborn screw. At home, use it to tighten a pair of glasses or an escaping frying pan handle. At work, stealthily fix that annoying bathroom door.

Four Tools In One
This palm sized drivers rotating wheel holds the four most commonly used screwdriver heads two flat and two Phillips. Snap one into place, and a ball detent mechanism locks it tight enough to take on the oldest, rustiest screw. The quick release clip lets you quickly pop it on and off a zipper or a pack strap, and the compact size means even screws tucked out of sight and barely in reach are in the line of fire.