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XL Frontline Hammock Multi-Cam

XL Frontline Hammock Multi-Cam (click for enlarged image)
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XL Frontline Hammock Multi-Cam



The massive DD XL Frontline MC offers the same breathable base and ultra-fine bug netting as our regular Frontline - but features full curved spreader poles to create a tunnel effect and maximise the benefit of the extra floor width.

Year-round comfort
Ideal for use in various climates, this is an undeniably comfortable camping solution! With its breathable base the XL Frontline Hammock MC performs well in a variety of climates, including the jungle.

Sleep 100% bug-free with the net fully deployed, or simply unzip both sides and roll up over the poles to secure out of the way. Alternatively, suspend the hammock with the net on the bottom to lounge out in the sun!

Used with a ground sheet, this hammock also makes a roomy bivi.

DD Multicam
If you're looking for natural, seamless camouflage then look no further! Research, meticulous design and testing spanning over 2 years has allowed us to bring you our own Multicam (MC) pattern - available across a limited (but growing) product selection. The pattern is designed to blend in with woodlands, mountain environments and more.